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Daymond & Co. Real Estate
Lic No: 9002085

Head Broker:
Daymond E. Lavine, Broker-Realtor®/CEO

Stanley Coleman, Broker-Realtor®

Primary Service Area:
Dallas, TX

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5 Things to Know About Daymond & Co. Real Estate

We're excited about working with you and helping you navigate the DFW Real Estate Market. Here are some things you should know about Daymond & Co. Real Estate.

1. How did Daymond & Co. Real Estate get its start?

Daymond & Co. Real Estate began as an extension of Daymond's personal challenges regarding buying and selling real estate.

Daymond recalls, "I fell in love with the business of real estate when I experienced both good and bad examples of real estate services. I had a really bad real estate agent who didn't try to get to know me and understand my needs and challenges. She was a blow to my confidence to buy a home. But when I found a really good agent, that agent was nice, honest, and challenged me to know what I wanted. She even made sure I knew what it took to get it. That really boosted my confidence! I bought that home, and I realized then I wanted to help others do the same thing. The seed was planted then for me to establish my own real estate firm."

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2. Who is on the Daymond & Co. Real Estate Team?

The three primary members of the Daymond & Co. Real Estate Team are Daymond E. Lavine, Stanley Coleman, and Vaniecy Nwigwe. Daymond is the Founder, Broker, and CEO of Daymond & Co. Real Estate. He further serves as the Chief Branding Officer of the real estate firm. Stanley is the Managing Partner of Daymond & Co. Real Estate. His focus is Buyer relations. Vaniecy is the Legal Counselor of Daymond & Co. Real Estate. She too focuses on Buyer Relations.

3. What types of real estate activities does Daymond & Co. Real Estate focus on?

Daymond & Co. Real Estate focuses on residential real estate sales across the Dallas Metroplex area. However, the real estate firm also represents clients looking to buy, sell, or lease. The types of homes Daymond & Co. Real Estate typically sells are free-standing, pre-existing or new construction properties. The average price point ranges from $ 260 000 to $ 425 000. On an as-needed basis, the firm also helps its clients find commercial properties for sale or lease.

4. What does Daymond & Co. Real Estate stand for?

Daymond & Co. Real Estate is a real estate brand of trust and integrity. It's a real estate firm built on the merit and ethics of its owner Daymond E. Lavine, aka "Daymond the Brand." Daymond is no stranger to hard work and strategy development. He is an engineer and runs several businesses while remaining dedicated to serving his clients. He continually pulls in his lessons learned for all his efforts. Daymond & Co. Real Estate is no exception. Because Daymond has personally encountered hardships, barriers, and ill practices in the real estate industry, he strives to rise above it all. His clients and customers always reap the rewards of ethically sound and effective services based on real life experiences.

5. How can you get started working with us?

Working with us is easy! If you're looking to buy or lease, then go to our BUYER/TENANT form and submit it. If you're looking to sell or let a property, then go to our SELLER/OWNER form and submit it. If you are an investor, still use our BUYER/TENANT form, and indicate on it that the type of property you're interested in buying is "Investment." We also perform complimentary Market Analyses. To get started with that, go to our COMPLIMENTARY MARKET ANALYSIS form and submit it. And for any real estate agents that are interested in joining our form, they can go to our JOIN US form and submit it. Finally, the official website of Daymond & Co. Real Estate is DAYMONDREALESTATE.COM.