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Daymond & Co. Real Estate
Lic No: 9002085

Head Broker:
Daymond E. Lavine, Broker-Realtor®/CEO

Stanley Coleman, Broker-Realtor®

Primary Service Area:
Dallas, TX

About Us
in Dallas Real Estate
Get to Know the Dallas Real Estate Team!

This is who we are


Daymond E. Lavine CEO

Daymond E. Lavine has been working in the field of Real Estate for over 14 years. He possesses experience in both Engineering and Creative services. Daymond also owns several businesses, and is a self-proclaimed "Plurapreneur®".


Stanley Coleman Mgr

Stanley Coleman has been working in the field of Real Estate for over 14 years. He possesses experience in Human Resources Management.


Vaniecy Nwigwe Legal

Vaniecy Nwigwe has been working in the field of Real Estate for over 2 years. She is a Texas Bar Certified Attorney at Law.

This is how we began

Daymond & Co. Real Estate was started in 2012, but its origins sparked in 2006, when Daymond E. Lavine and Stanley Coleman started (which is no longer in existence). That website was dedicated to Daymond and Stanley establishing their presence in the Dallas and Fort Worth Real Estate markets. The two-man team set out with a goal of providing real estate services with each client in mind, first and foremost. Because of their own disturbing encounters in the real estate marketplace, including unprofessionalism and unethical behaviors, they decided to lead by example.

Black American couple with keys to new home in their hands

We Honor Trust & Integrity in Real Estate

For a while, Daymond and Stanley operated, as a team within several brokerages, while maintaining their brand as “2 Texas Realtors.” However, they were never quite satisfied by the infrastructure of any of their brokerages. In fact, no real estate firm seemed to offer them a sense of support, especially as it related to keeping the customer and consumer at the center of every transaction. Furthermore, their team’s name and brand were always overpowered by big real estate firm brands that only catered to mainstream consumers. Thus, Daymond and Stanley fought tirelessly to maintain their integrity and commitments to ensuring all clients received the best deal possible, not the deal most beneficial to the real estate firm and agents serving them. Thus, they were honored to start AgentsDFW, whereas they could establish their own brand and infrastructure with a primary mission to operate as “A Brand of Trust and Integrity.” These characteristics of trust and integrity are instilled in every business dealing that Daymond and Stanley work.

The Evolution to Daymond & Co. Real Estate

As time passed, Daymond’s operation as both the Broker and Chief Creative Officer merged, and AgentsDFW evolved to become Daymond & Co. Real Estate. Still, trust and integrity are pinnacle commitments within the firm. In fact, they are what set Daymond & Co. Real Estate Firm apart from many other firms. Daymond & Stanley still operate as a team managing Daymond & Co. Real Estate. Event better, they now have Attorney Vaniecy Nwigwe onboard as the Chief Legal Counselor and fellow real estate agent. All team members are dedicated to making each of their clients happy. Daymond & Co. Real Estate is not a large real estate firm. In fact, today we still primarily operate as a small team. However, we have a wealth of knowledge and business dealings under our belts. This ensures all of our clients receive the wonderful real estate services they deserve.

Our Oak Cliff and Cedar Crest Focus

A street sign on West Jefferson Boulevard in Oak Cliff

The physical location of Daymond & Co. Real Estate is in the Dallas Design District; however, our real estate areas of focus are Dallas Proper, Oak Cliff, Cedar Crest, and Mesquite. Yet, if any of our clients require real estate services beyond these areas of focus, we are obliged to help them as well! Our promise to you: Daymond & Co. Real Estate will operate as a small boutique real estate firm, managed by a dynamic team of professionals paving the way for you to meet and exceed your real estate dreams!